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Web design and web page production

Would you like to increase your visibility on the internet? Are you doing business with no website? Do you have a webpage that is outdated or does not fulfill your need anymore? Whatever your desires are, USGBIT will gladly take care of all your web design needs! See more about XHTML / CSS Templates and coding - a process that converts graphic concepts into fully functional web pages.

U.S. Global Business IT always creates your online presentation exactly per your requirements and up to your complete satisfaction. As a full service web design firm, we offer everything necessary:

  • Professional graphics and design concepts – if you have your own already, we will gladly use them too.
  • XHTML / CSS Templates and coding - conversion of graphic concepts into fully functional web pages (XHTML / CSS).
  • Filling up your websites with content – texts, pictures, videos, or other elements per your specifications.
    You can either supply your own texts, or we can provide professional copywriting service.
  • Launching your website online / webhosting
  • Adding useful functionalities or complete solutions - publishing system / CMS, online store, blogging system, and databases
  • We automatically make your web pages SEO friendly to enhance their visibility on the internet and increase the number of online visitors.
  • We offer continuous technical support to our customers. Should you need at any time in the future need any advice, help, or consultation, just send us an email or call us and we will take care of you in the shortest possible time.

Graphics and design concepts

USGBIT emphasizes a high quality of graphics as this is without a doubt the main part of the website which surrounds and wraps together everything that you want to deliver to the whole internet world about you,
your business, products or services.

Graphics alone should not be bearing any of the information that you want to share with your online visitors. It should only accentuate and complete the whole message and create a memorable experience for everyone who comes across your web pages.

  • We consult with our clients throughout the whole graphic design process and always search an approval, before proceeding to the next step in the website development.
  • The graphic and design process does not stop until you express your full satisfaction and approve it.
  • If you are interested to have only the web graphics created, please be aware, you would be charged extra for any concepts, samples and sketch preparation.

U.S. Global Business IT creates professional graphics that is effective, to the point, relevant, good looking and optimized to enable fast uploading of your website.

Web maintenance and actualization

Time flies and quite fast. Everything that you do on the internet looks awesome and spanking new in the beginning, but sooner or later it becomes stale and unappealing. There is a relation between the period from update to update and the number of visitors. The longer the period between the updates, the fewer visitors you get. If you go long enough without updating your web pages for example a couple of months, you will actually start loosing visitors and fans. In such case the website completely looses its importance and purpose.

We can keep in touch together and take care of any website updates for you. It rarely happens that after we deliver a new web solution it is the end of the relationship with our clients. The opposite is truth – many times our current customers ask us for additional web design services, particularly in cases when their first web pages designed and implemented by U.S. Global Business IT became very successful - see our references section and testimonials.

  • We provide one-time updates - suitable and more cost efficient solution for smaller and less frequent changes.
  • Periodical actualizations - the best deal for organizations that require frequent weekly or daily updates on their website. In such case we recommend implementation of our CMS q-Redactor, plus offer convenient and affordable contracts for web actualization. Of course, with our publishing system q-Redactor you will be able easily and conveniently make any web updates yourself, if you are the type of customer, who has enough time for such projects.
  • Exclusive actualizations - should you have any particular requirements on expediting any large-scale website actualization, please contact us in advance as special arrangements and resources would be necessary.

Technical support

Technical support for web pages and online solutions produced by U.S. Global Business IT is for FREE! We typically check these pages couple times a week to make sure all links, texts and graphics are in order. Should we discover any issues, we automatically resolve them without inconveniencing you.

What you can expect from getting on board with us?

  • Accommodating, professional, individualized, and respectful attitude
  • Highest quality of products and customer service excellence
  • Unprecedented value for reasonable cost
  • Flexibility, agility, and helpfulness whenever you need any IT assistance
  • Although we try to complete all web solutions in the shortest possible time, we pay attention to every detail
  • Guaranteed flawlessness of our software craftsmanship, full functionality of our products, and continual technical support after we finish your project

We do our best to completely accommodate even the most demanding customers or projects. USGBIT takes the best possible care of our customers, because we know that, if not, somebody else will. We treat our customers with courtesy and professionalism together with a focus on 100% customer satisfaction.

If you wish to be introduced to our satisfied customers, please, fell free to visit our references section or contact them directly.

To have an attractive, functional and user-centric website is nowadays one of the most essential success factors for business to maintain and attract new customers. As the base of internet users is constantly growing, web pages are becoming one of the most effective marketing tools for both businesses and individuals. Many people even get their job offers based on their personal website, blog, or profile that the recruiter found somewhere online.

Stay competitive - let U.S. Global Business IT to be your exclusive web design and IT firm. We offer unlimited potential. We offer all of the best technologies and are able to deliver any online solution that currently exists, or should you have a completely new business concept for anything that has never been done before. We will gladly implement into your web solution even more advanced technologies that will increase productivity, attractiveness, and functionality such as JavaScript, AJAX, PHP scripts, interactive maps, and etc…

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