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CMS enables to the web owner making changes through an admin interface on the website displayed online. Website content management software q-Redactor is fully integrated online application and any changes in the admin environment are immediately displayed on your website. You can use the publishing system q-Redactor to modify your website from anywhere where is an internet connection.

Basic features of CMS q-Redactor

  • The admin interface is fully secured by both password and advanced software encryption.
  • CMS q-Redactor enables you to upload any type of files on your website, display them online, or access these files by other internet users via web link.

You do not have to be a software expert to make changes or update your web pages through the admin interface. It is quite simple – you can either make any changes in an editor similar to MS Word, which is very intuitive with basic computer skills. In addition, if you are more curious or experienced, you can make any changes by directly formatting and editing the HTML code. Website content management software q-Redactor enables:

  • Insert and modify pictures - size, position, descriptions, background, boundaries, and etc…
  • Insert and upload any file types
  • Add links and anchors for any web resources - images, video clips, sound bites, programs, HTML documents, or any other elements within an HTML document
  • Format text – position, size, color, bold, cursive and underline…
  • Change colors
  • Create, insert, or format whole paragraphs, lists, titles, tables and columns
  • Import flash, copy text from MS Word or insert special characters
  • Search document, delete entries, print or modify view styles – full screen, print preview, normal…

Website content management software q-Redactor is fully modular and upgradeable. We can add or create any special modules, as well as provide for free any feature updates and safety enhancements.

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With CMS you can setup every single detail of your website

  • Description
  • Titles
  • Keywords
  • Content and HTML code
  • Attributes – where to display the particular page – in main menu, hidden page with enabled access through a direct hypertext link only, or password protected entrance…
  • Assign position in the menu, change location in the hierarchy / site map, setup as main page, and etc.

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Basic integrated modules of website content management software q-Redactor

Module for linking your webpage with other websites

You can add special links that will be always shown on your specified location. Generally there are three types of web links:

  • Links for other websites that you recommend to your online visitors
  • Commercial links - in case when other parties wish to be paying you for placing their online add or link on your website
  • Hyperlinks of your business partners - sometimes called reciprocal links - when your business partner places your link on their webpage and you place their web link on your website free of charge

News module or module for web feed and channels such as RSS

System enables to add the news not only on your website, but other users can sign up and automatically receive the updates via RSS. So your fans do not need to be directly connected to your website in order to receive your updates – they will receive your web news automatically whenever they sign up online. Many internet browsers either include the RSS plug-in by default, or it can be downloaded and added for free.


Newsletter module enables your customers or website visitors to subscribe their email address and receive your updates via email.

Contact form

Contact form module enables you to receive communication into your email inbox from anybody who fills out information on the contact form placed on your website and submits it. All communication that took place via your website contact form is then archived in your email account. Therefore, you can retrieve it at any time, from any place, or by any gadget that enables you to access your email account.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All the outputs generated by your online application are SEO friendly. These outputs are in principle items such as:

  • Website titles
  • Searchable keywords
  • Descriptions and titles
  • Headlines
  • SEO and people friendly URL address – q-Redactor creates www address such as instead of

SEO friendliness enables websites and links to come up on a higher position during a keyword lookup through search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, or AltaVista and therefore to increase the traffic on your website.

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Other specialized modules for CMS q-Redactor

Multilingual platform, ModRewrite, discussion forum, friend alert, Google Sitemaps, anti-spam Captcha, visitor counter and logbook, plus much more...

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